Oct 17, 2012


Uups so there haven't been updates here for like in two months ehehe. Luckily nobody noticed right.. right?
I was thinking of not giving you my conceptart.org sketchbook link but here it is anyways if you are for some reason beyond my understanding interested in following my updates. Since I do update it a lot more often than my blog. There's also more content than here, because some stuff gets disqualified before getting here. Like some nude stuff. :D

Soo what have I been up to? Nothing much. Mostly just slacking and doing some nerd stuff. More nerd stuff than drawing with computer I guess (?) Games, what can I say about them. They are the reason that got me interested in drawing (and drawing with computers) years back and still are a huge source of inspiration for me. But they also keep me away from drawing. So I guess they are a double-edged sword of sorts. Anyways trying to find a balance with drawing and gaming again.

Anyways here's da stuff

Something from screenshots

Other reffed stuff



Annd more screenshot-thingies