Mar 29, 2012

Day 4. Something green.

Something from imagination for a change.
Just a dull sketch with some terrible issues. I don't like it and I hate the green staff thing, but don't have time to change it.

Also it's mostly grey. -_-

Oh, and I'll be going to spa with my friends this weekend so no updates until sunday!

Mar 28, 2012

Day 3. Clouds.

Painted with the help of some random photo refs found on google.

Mar 27, 2012

Day 2. What I wore today.

This is what I wore today. Exept the paper back. Though I felt like I could had worn it. Actually I feel that quite often. Anyways just didn't feel like drawing my face again today, so hence the bag. Oh and wanted to show you my new leather jacket, allthough I suck at drawing leather. Wait I suck at drawing clothes overall. Wait I suck at drawing anything, lol. Anyways I don't know, enjoy ? my latest contribution.

Mar 26, 2012

26.3.2012. Self-portrait.

Soo I found this cool 30 day photography challenge (I guess it's originally from here) through my friend. I decided to accept the challenge, only I'm going to make the topics by drawing. Well maybe some with camera, if the topic becomes overly impossible for me to make with pen.

Here's my first contribution: Self-portrait. It's drawn with photo ref, and I'm adding the ref here also so you can see all the things that wen't wrong. (And morely so my friends in conceptart can see the things that went wrong and give me hard-core critique) :D It took about 2,5 hours so yeah I'm still very slow. And it has some terrible issues. But well can't learn if you don't make mistakes. Click the image for bigger pic again as always.

Also man, it feels good to be drawing again. Been having a long break because urm.. some issues.. that are not mentioned here because some people may still not know how nerd I am. So shh let's keep that a secret.