Aug 22, 2012

It is hard for one to make up a good headline

Wiiii I hear London calling me!!

Photostudies. Photos from

Stuff from screenshots

Sucker puuuuuunch

Other reffed stuff

And finally some quick crap from imagination. Should props try and make some longer stuff also.
If only had I more confidence, lol ? (and skills, duuh!)

Note to self: don't do this again

 wip :D

Aug 13, 2012

Yes I draw a lot..

Uuh so I wonder if this'll become somewhat long update..
Here's first some reffed stuuuf

Sargent study. Alas me trying to figure out Photoshop brushes. With no success.

Photo-reffed sthufhs

(Life study)

What's this? Cant remember if its reffed or not or have I uploaded or not?

Annd then some doodlings from imagination (not much ima afraid).