Jul 29, 2012

Should I update this

OMG I'M ACTUALLY GETTING WORSE. This is so depressing.
Went back to basics since I still have so big problems with constructing the head. Tried to do some colored portraits but not going to post them here as they suck.

So first just some stuff and then just more basic some stuff.
Now I'm just gonna go eat some chocolate and cry myself to sleep. Not really. But it is close to the truth.

Jul 12, 2012


Uh oh I don't have time to think of clever headlines now.
Or later. Or like ever.

Schjerfbeck master study

Edelfelt master study

Heyy have I showed you how I decorated my "office"? Or working space or whatever.  I'm showing you now anyways whether you want to or not (run!) 

Found these cool Albert Edelfelt postcards (no wait I think they are all Edelfelt's, humm..)

Look what else I have (Oh joy!) 

Mroarrr. It sort of reminds me of angry birds.
In any case it looks angry which makes it kind of cool.

Jul 4, 2012

This 'n that

Photoref by me (yey)

Photoref by me again


 Also tadaam I want to show you this cool shirt I bought from EMP thehe. I also bought two more erm.. less nerdy shirts but I kind of like this the best..

And in my defence it's the only game shirt I've ever owned (so far muahhah).