Jan 14, 2012


 It's time to update blog! Happy New Year to yall!
Oh, and nudity warning here! Do not scroll down if you feel offensed erm.. looking naked people or something.

Quickish screencap studies. You know the music video they're from? ;)

Animal gestures.

Human gestures.

Hobbit trailer studies!!

About 20 min. study.

About 20 min study

More gestures.

About 20 min study. Gotta practise more structures and values to get them actually look like the model!
Life study of a skull. Really terrible values init :(

Anatomy stuff.

Anatomy stuff again.

Anatomy stuff. With Star Wars theme!


Someh Christmas cards I made this Christmas.

Photostudy of this plaster cast photo found in the internet. Practising values and planes.

Life study.

Life study.

Self-portrait study take 1.