Jun 27, 2012


I guess you've already noticed that I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptons due the ending of GoT season 2. Even True Blood can't fill the gap. Humm so what else there is to do as a cure than draw pictures from the season finale? (Really, I'm open to suggestions.)

Jun 26, 2012


Just stuff. Done without using pen-pressure stuff, to practise see colors and contrasts.

By the way <3 Jaqen H'ghar <3
(Hmm might be because he reminds me of Artemis Entreri)

"Valar Morghulis"

Jun 24, 2012


Just some terrible stuff from horriblelands.

Also wanted to show you this awesome ratmummy/skeleton that my husband found inside the walls of our outbuilding/garage (or whatever it is in english).

It's huuuuge and neat. Well not sure if it's rat skeleton but don't know what else it could be.

Look at the size of its paw!


Anyways yeah, it was cool... And yes I know I get overly exited from stuff like this.

Jun 15, 2012


Umm so this was sort of a challenge-kind of thing. The kind of thing that might born in the darkest hours of the night when you have taken something stronger than water that is. But since I like challenges I thought I could give it a try and paint a car in ms paint. Didn't really go so well so this is me admitting that I don't know how to paint a car or how to use paint.

I felt that the most difficult thing when drawing in paint was that it's impossible to blend colors (please don't tell me now that there's a tool for that), and the fact that you can't use low opacity brushes. Also the fact that there are like four sizes in brushes kind of sucks. Especially when you like painting bigger, like 6000x4000 pixels or something like that. But I kind of liked the oil brush in paint. I know the car is distorted and in wrong perspective, and the reflections look bad and it probs doesn't look like Veyron at all (yup that's what it's supposed to be), but it was kind of fun to do nevertheless. But maybe I'll have a break from cars now, cant say I'm that much of a car person anyways.. But hey at least now I know what is Veyron! It's pretty cute I guess. And photo ref used..

Jun 12, 2012

Not yet ;)

Just some value practisings. Really need to work on it to get more depth into my works. Oh and by the way I found this "new" band called Machinae Supremacy which is awesomeness! The more I listen to it, the more I love it. I think I need to see them live. <3