Nov 22, 2011


Some studiees. Sorry if I'm adding here something that I've already uploaded earlier. I try to check it carefully but sometimes I just can't keep the track on what I've uploaded and what not. Ya'll see bigger pics by clicking them. Anyways, until next time, take care of yourselves! :)

Photostudies to study values. Photo refs from


Quick speedpainting from a movie screencap.

Speedie again.

And again.

Some quickish weird stuff from head.
Movie study again.

And again.

And again.

..and again.

Life study of mi shoe!

Movie speedie.

Another movie speedie!
Stuff from head. Inspired by watching my husband play Batman :D

Life study of mi monster mug!

Another life study.

Birthday card I did to my grandma who turned 97 :) Used watercolors.

Father's day's card to my dad. Also with watercolors.

Cast study with carcoal and pastels.
Studies from magazines.